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  • How Did I Miss This?

    Some funny stuff from Jarvis Landry during the victory formation that Brian Miller caught. Supposedly Greg Jennings also did this in the Texans game. Did I miss that too?

    The Miami Dolphins are coming off a big and much needed win in Philadelphia on Sunday and somewhere along the line I missed a very good image of Jarvis Lan...

    Three years ago, the handling of victory formation became a subject of widespread debate, thanks to former Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano’s strategy of violating the unwritten rule of not diving into the knees of guys who are going easy on the last snap or two of a game.Thanks to Dolphins receiver Jarvis Landry, the victory formation [more]

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    I caught him doing that at the end of the game...Maybe our next HC is gonna be Mr. Myagi!


    • Wulf
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      I liked it. Philly had been taunting and talking smack the whole game. SOMEBODY needs to make some plays on offense besides Landry!

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    Tomorrow I have a tour around the island and the name is Miyagi no joke hehehe!
    The happiness of the Dolphin is to exist.... Jacques Cousteau.


    • cuchulainn
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      Daniel-san was nothing without him. NOTHING!!! lol...

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    Funny stuff, but surprised the refs didn't flag Landry for taunting. Landry is starting to get a rep for showboating. Not sure that is a good thing. He stupidly cost us great field position throwing the ball in the back of a defender and he could have drawn a flag for slapping the leg of a defender at the start of the game.

    Love Landry's energy and fire, but he needs to be smarter. Poor ST play has killed us as much as the poor OL play and those ridiculous snaps and false starts.


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      I SEE YOU WULF!!!!! Good stuff on the avatar.

      Cuch, I agree that Juice is getting in that showboat mode but he's young and dumb in that department but MOST GREAT WRs have that diva thing and IMO Landry will figure that showboat to OVER Showboating it down!!! I was in an uproar about drafting him but he has shut me the F word up!!!


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