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    He was actually better with the Dolphins and Ryan Tannehill than he is with the Vikings and Teddy Bridgewater.

    Through 9 games with the Vikings he has 28 receptions for 318 yards 11.4 YPC and 1 TD. If he continues on that pace he will have 50 receptions for 566 yards and 2 TD's.

    His 2 year averages with the Dolphins was 70 receptions for 896 yards 12.8 YPC and 7.5 TD's.

    So why isn't he throwing a tantrum with the Vikings because he is not getting the ball enough?

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    For the same reason he didn't get away with that BS on Tomlin's team...


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      Not sure, but i believe this is another case where stats can be misleading...You can read these stats & say he was better with the Fins & Tannehill but i think the key stat would be how many times he's been targeted. Perhaps upon further review we'd find that a team with other options (for instance, some cat named A.P. - Also rookie Stephon Diggs has been HUGE) they don't need to look his way nearly as much..

      Personally, i don't think Wallace sucked nearly as bad as we'd all like to believe while he was here..he just wasn't the elite receiver we'd hoped for...As far as not throwing tantrums, i guess as they say 'Winning cures ALL!'


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        Meh, fk that me-first guy. His first game as a Dolphin, we beat the Colts and he pouted after the game over his touches. His last game he quit on us after a Clay TD. Fk him. Zimmer has supposedly already told him he's not going to put up with any BS. The rookie, Diggs, is a much better all around receiver. I doubt the Vikes bring Wallace back next year. He'll end up in Carolina or somewhere else desperate for a WR.

        I don't really think he was better here at all, we simply designed our offense to feed him the ball at the detriment of others and when the ball went elsewhere he whined and bitched. He wasn't a fit with Tannehill and hasn't been a fit with Bridgewater to date either.

        Despite Kenny Stills bad outing against the Eagles, Stills has been a much better receiver for us catch for catch (or drop for drop). He gets off the LOS and down the field, he blocks well for others in the passing and run game, he attacks the ball, and he usually has sure hands. If Tannehill had put the ball 1 or 2 feet further out in front of him, he'd have had an easy TD Sunday. Looking forward to seeing more of Stills.



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          He's not even listed in the top 40 WR's where Matthews is listed at 23 and Landry is listed at 27. Wallace is missing altogether. Personally I'd still be happy we dumped his ass even if he was the top rated WR.
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