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AFC Wildcard race

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  • AFC Wildcard race

    Steelers 6-4

    Bills 5-4

    Jets 5-4

    Dolphins 4-5

    Chiefs 4-5

    Raiders 4-5

    Colts - Texans 4-5 One of them will win their division.

    Next weeks games

    Steelers Bye

    Bills @ Patriots - I think its safe to say the Bills will be 5-5

    Jets @ Texans - With the Texans win tonight over the Bengals thats a huge game and we should be rooting for the Texans so that both of them will be 5-5.

    Cowboys @ Dolphins - Huge home game for us that we need to win to get to 5-5.

    Chiefs @ Chargers - We need to root for the Chargers.

    Raiders @ Lions - We need to root for the Lions.

    Colts @ Falcons - We need to root for the Falcons.

    If we beat the Cowboys, the Texans beat the Jets, and the Patriots beat the Bills then we will be in a 3 way tie at 5-5 with the Bills and Jets and things will get very interesting.

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    Very doable. Thanks FTL! Although if Bills beat the Pats I'd just as be Happy!
    The happiness of the Dolphin is to exist.... Jacques Cousteau.


    • Wulf
      Wulf commented
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      The Bills have a much tougher schedule ahead than we do, so I will also hope to see them beat the Patsies.
      The biggest issue is that WE must win!

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    go miami,chargers,lions.falcons,texans,and I won't say -- patsies!


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      Screw the WC Race, i hope the Bills stomp the shit outta the Pats!


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        we would still be a game behind Buffalo (beat Miami twice) and a 1/2 game behind the Jest (beat Miami once).


        • Wulf
          Wulf commented
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          I like OUR schedule more than I would like Buffalo's if I were a Bill's fan...
          @New England, @Kansas City, VS Houston, @Phila, @Wash, Vs Dal, VS New York Jets

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        We're still in it and IMO the stars will align for us BUT as usual the Dolphins, AGAIN, will NOT take advantage and fall flat on their face. At least Campbell has this team still fighting and that is a pleasant site to see even when it's ugly.


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            There are currently 5 teams above us in the AFC WC race, and each one of them (that plays) is ON THE ROAD this week, against teams they have had trouble with in the past...
            6-4 Steelers BYE this week, then @Seattle
            5-4 NYJets @Houston
            5-4 Bills @New England
            4-5 Raiders @Detroit
            4-5 Chiefs @San Diego
            4-5 Dolphins VS Dallas
            We NEED to beat the Boys Sunday, and for a great many reasons, besides just the playoff ramifications!
            I hope to see this team play ALL 4 quarters as they did the 2nd one against Philly...


            • Wulf
              Wulf commented
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              If we can't beat Dallas and the Jets in the next two games, we don't DESERVE a chance at the playoffs, just to lose the first game. We haven't won a single playoff game since the Wild Card game in 2000!

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