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New Phinzone Commentary: Playing For Roster Spots

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  • New Phinzone Commentary: Playing For Roster Spots

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    I see where the "Dreaded Question" of losing being better than winning has already raised it's ugly head. How things have changed with the times. I can actually recall, in the not so distant past, when talking about the draft before the last few games was heavily frowned upon. Now, things are expected at light speed from teams and players. I do miss the past patience of most Phans.


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      Pit 6, SF 5, DAL, NYG, NE 4, WAS, OAK 3, GB, DEN, BAL, 2, IND, CHI, NO, STL, SEA, TB 1. These are the 41 Superbowl winners since the Dolphins. It's hard to criticize Dolphans for not being patient when in the past 4 decades the Saints, Raiders and Bucs have been more successful teams than our beloved Dolphins. My son is 22 years older now than I was that last championship and he wasn't born yet then.
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        This is our commentary every year. It just seems to happen earlier and earlier every year. I'm afraid ownership is the problem. We have changed players and coaches and the reults get worse and worse. The Bucs were never successful under Culverhouse. The Redskins have never been successful under Snyder. I'm afraid we're in for a long and painful stretch no matter what players we have and who coaches them.
        Can we sign this guy?


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          The saddest part about it is we can't even look forward to the draft anymore because it's almost a guarantee that our front office will blow that too. We're the one team that always regresses in the off-season. Expect the same failed path now that we know Campbell is a spread offense guy on the goal line. So much for toughness.


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