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Are Phans Giving Up Too Early?

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  • Are Phans Giving Up Too Early?

    I cannot recall giving up on the season this early with the team having "somewhat of a chance" to maybe do something, however unlikely. I may well lead this parade by my "Don't Care Anymore" thread weeks ago based on my expectations and disappointment. Now, I'm having just a glimmer of second thought.

    It would just be like our Dolphins team to make us all look foolish yet again by winning, kinda like in the movies Major League and Bad News Bears. I cannot put doing something like this to it's Phans who have given up past this team, even without Wake, Delmas, and James. The remaining schedule has no VG teams other than Pats and maybe the Jets.

    Can anyone else even imagine our team taking a run late just to prove us all wrong once again?

    That would be something, really something, to see.

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    I personally haven't given up but have taken the low to no expectations approach. That way the is no disappointment come Sunday's outcome.


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      Hell, at least I didn't give up during the FIRST game like the TEAM did. I hope they PROVE me wrong and somehow pull a playoff berth out of their a$$ but I'm putting my hope into the OFF-season, AGAIN!


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        Here is a bit of back & forth i had with FTLDOLFAN on another thread talking about something similar:


        I will be rooting for the Jets. I know its a long shot at this point that we make the playoffs but here is my reasoning. The Jets are already a game ahead of the Bills and they have an easier schedule the rest of the way and I don't think we are going to beat them on November 29 anyway so I would rather they just pull away and claim the #5 seed and deal the Bills another loss since we now have to finish ahead of the Bills.

        That would then leave the Dolphins fighting with the Steelers 5-4 Raiders 4-4 Bills 4-4 Chiefs 3-5 and Texans 3-5 for the #6 seed. Those are all the AFC teams with at least 3 wins who are in the wildcard race.

        If we beat the Eagles this week then all of a sudden we will have new life. We knew we had to win at least 1 of these 3 consecutive road games. So we have one more chance to save our season.


        I'm thinking the line between overly optimistic & flat-out delusional just got thinner..j/k

        Does anybody really believe that even if every planet & star that needed to align, did so that the Fins would still hold up their end of the bargain and win at least 6 or 7 of their final 8 (Eagles, Cowboys, Jets, Ravens, Giants, Chargers, Colts & Patriots)..Personally, i'm having a hard time believing we win another game...


        Come on, you don't think we are going to win another game? The playoffs are a long shot I agree but there are plenty of winnable games on our schedule. The only games that I don't see as winnable are at the Jets and the Patriots at home but if thats a meaningless game for them they might rest their players. We would probably have to go 6-2 and get a reasonable amount of help.


        Actually, what i said was i'm having a hard time 'believing' we win another game (that based on how we've looked all year & especially the last two games) But we'll no doubt find a way to win another game or three, just enough to screw us over in the draft - That's the DOLPHIN WAY!...

        I'd agree with you that most of their remaining games would be winnable if this team was firing on all cylinders BUT they're playing more like a broken down hoopty that won't even turn over..This team is heading nowhere fast!


        At the end of the day i firmly believe that our team is in TOTAL DISARRAY & WE PUT THE FUNK IN DYSFUNCTION and i damn sure don't see a quick or easy fix..I mean let's face it we're a lucky opening day win & two emotional wins after our bye & the long overdue firing of our clueless leader from being real close to a winless team..Not sure how we're expected to just push a button & start playing like we're all on the same page and fight our way back into contention..

        That being said, it shouldn't surprise me in the least to see us fight our way back into the playoff picture, get all our hopes up once again, only to lose our last game or two in December to once again kick us in the freakin' nuts..because isn't that the way it's meant to be??!!! TOO MUCH HEARTBREAK LEFT TO HAVE OUR SEASON ENDED AT THE MIDWAY POINT!!!!!


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          Not sure about giving up, but there is always more hope when you're 0-0 and starting the season.

          We only have 3 players on D that can actually play at a higher level, I thought we we're better off than that, but not much better, I had hoped for 6 players at the beginning, but don't see that now.

          Our OL, better since Philbin left, is still bottom of the barrel in this league. So when I say better I mean I can at least see them at the bottom of the barrel now....

          We just aren't picking up enough VG players in the off season and draft....


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            I agree with you, DP. I think the stars did align for the Dolphins when they fired Philbin. They promoted a tight ends coach who had "fire" and since he is young and full of enthusiasm and the Dolphins team is a young team too, this all worked. Then, when you factor in the two teams the Dolphins were going to play after the bye week, the stars did align for Coach Campbell, the Dolphins and its fans. Then, reality set in and the Dolphins came crashing down to earth. The Dolphins played a real NFL team and the new head coach, his staff and the entire team looked lost and deflated. The next week there was more of the same. When you couple all that with the injuries you get a season with little to no hope. I think this team would be lucky to win two more games but like Dolphins fashion they might get lucky and win more then that to shoot themselves in the foot so they miss out on a player they truly need in the draft. Hopefully for the FANS of this team the Dolphins will finish with a record that allows them to draft the best player available at a position they really need.

            The Dolphins season ended after the Patriots game and then the nail came in after the Bills game. Winless in the division, this team has to start preparing for next season and finding a new, experienced head coach. FANS have given up early but for a really good reason, they team is a disaster and will continue to be until their owner does the right thing. Until then, they will hire a NY head coach that will prolong the FANS agony of mediocre play, terrible trade picks and horrific playcalling on both sides of the ball. It's time to GUT THIS FISH and fire everybody and start all over again.
            "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton

            “The only thing worse then a liar is a liar that’s also a hypocrite!” - Tennessee Williams


            • Seadog
              Seadog commented
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              We don't really have that many good players, so the transition wouldn't be that hard for a new coach.....with the amout of holes to fill that this team needs, he'll be busy for a few years....Frown

            • DolphinsFreak
              DolphinsFreak commented
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              I agree with you but...........I'm sure if we had the Patriots roster, minus Brady, we would be thinking the exact same thing. They have a bunch of 3rd and 4th string nobodies on their offensive line and they don't skip a beat. They lost TWO Pro Bowl cornerbacks in the offseason, and they don't miss a beat. They actually coach players in New England. In my opinion that is what the Dolphins need, a NFL caliber quarterback, some good coaches and a few players to fill some holes and we will be on the way to the playoffs. It may take time but with quality coaching anything is possible, but as fans of the Dolphins we just don't know what that is like. :-(

            • 61finfan
              61finfan commented
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              agree Freak. The Pats without Brady are a team of mediocre players. Brady makes castoffs look like studs.

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            I'm not convinced that the Fins will win another game this year.


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              giving up on what is the another game? making the playoffs? Superbowl? Coaches? owner? FO? players? Rookies? FA? I give up!


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                Would you give up on a car that broke down on you every weekend after spending thousands and thousands of dollars on it? After taking it to many different mechanics? Hired Mediums and self-help people to motivate your car into running well? Even if your mechanic wore a white tuxedo, and sang rap songs to it?

                Of course you would.....


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                  TG, good to see ya as I need to eat some crow in calling you out on the team's start. From everyone, you were the only one calling for a 1-3 start, and I had heard/seen the opinions of MANY. Good call.

                  The crow is not that bad with a LOT of hot sauce and a TON of beer.

                  Slainte (Irish for Cheers)


                  • Tarpon Guide
                    Tarpon Guide commented
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                    I've eaten quite a bit of crow myself!

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                  Originally posted by HndRkyaBong34 View Post
                  giving up on what is the another game? making the playoffs? Superbowl? Coaches? owner? FO? players? Rookies? FA? I give up!
                  Did not mean to confuse ya. To each, their own. Better now?


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                    I am pretty deflated. My error in expectations wasn't based around the players who have played, but rather the ones that have not! Parker, Ajayi, Stills, Cameron, Jennings, Albert, James, Simms, Let's face it, when we call anyone's number other than Miller or Landry it's a gimmick play. They are not really incorporated into the offense just an occasional change up. If I were the defensive coordinator playing against this team, I would spy 3 guys each on 26 & 14 and pretty much send everyone else after Tannehill. That would take away at least 90% of the Dolphins offense, too easy!


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                      I am not giving up on the Dolphins. My expectations have been lowered. So when and if we lose I don't take it hard anymore. The past couple of losses were easy to take because I have come to realize that we are just not that good of a team. I will still continue to root for the Dolphins but without any expectations. I don't expect us to win so if we do happen to win then its gravy.


                      • HndRkyaBong34
                        HndRkyaBong34 commented
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                        This has been my philosophy for about 20 years now.....

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