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  • Welcome Webmasters!

    Are all the "themes" the same? I've tried changing it from the default several times... Can we submit our own VBulletin themes? The default is blinding and wastes a 1/3 of the page at the top...


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    Hey Cuch. I have not enabled any other themes at this point. I need to work with a few to give some alternatives. This one is a little bright, but they are consistent with the bright team colors. But yeah I can see it might be a little much for some people.

    The wasted top third will get better when I take down the announcement for the new Phinatics members. It takes up quite a bit of space but hey...wanted you guys to feel the love. Thanks for the feedback and I will start working on an alternative, lower key template.


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      Thanks. Let me know if you need any help. I work in the industry.

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