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  • I have a question

    This frequently happens to me and I was wondering if it happens to other members. When I try to send a reply to a topic or post a topic I sometimes get an Error notice saying that I am not authorized to create this post. It has nothing to do with bad language and I was signed in so I don't understand why this keeps happening.

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    Nope but you're the second one to have a problem with replies this week. Matt will have to check it out I guess.
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      Sometimes it logs you out for some reason and that notice appeared... I had to re-log in and then I was able to post.. So yes, it happened to me as well..


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        Same here, I just relogged in and it was fine.


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          yeah, it's happened to me a few times as well..also there's been several times when i've tried to log on and there's been some kind of technical issue with the site that doesn't allow me to; i just come back later & try again and everything seems back to normal...


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            This is a setting I am tinkering with. It has dual purposes, which is one how long it will keep you logged in without activity, and the other is it reflects where it shows on the main page how who is online. So when I first heard of this error, I raised it to hours before it timed out. But it always looked like we had a ton of people online which we didn't. So then I reduced it to like 20 minutes.
            I will move it higher and see if that is helpful and resolves it. For me, I want to know how the site is performing and look at traffic but I don't want to do that at the expense of the user experience. So I will adjust it to see if we find a sweet spot.
            I am also moving this to Ideas and Suggestions where these kinds of topics go.

            Thanks guys for helping work out the bugs.



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              I just quit working on the car for the day and I logged in with moving this thread in mind and BOOM, it's already moved.

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              I am on it Homey!!!

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