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Canes/Noles 10-8-17

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  • Canes/Noles 10-8-17

    ONole, if you're there, wishing your team ZERO injuries. You KNOW how much I admired your QB, and was really sorry he was hurt. It will still be a great game, as FSU/Miami seems to always be good football. I believe the keys for the Noles is to contain Walton, and, for the first time in a long while, it is the Canes with a mobile QB. I see some planned QB keepers to keep the Noles D honest. That is still a strength of the Noles. The Canes QB, Malik Rosier MUST continue to take care of the ball. He had a bad INT last week, and cannot make foolish or inaccurate throws. I'm not sure the Noles can stay with the Canes receivers, but I'm also not saure the Cane's O-Line can withstand maybe the best D-Line they'll face all season.
    I see a moderately low scoring game, similar to last year. ST may play a part, seems they often due with these 2 teams. Last year, the block PAT cost the Canes a tie and over-time. Weather could play a part. I don't think it's an advantage either way, as both teams can run it.

    My pick is Canes 23 Noles 20. With Francois healthy my prediction would be different, with the Noles by maybe 10. Enjoy the game!

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    Lots of hard hitting in the game. Hated the ending, but great to see another thrilling game come down to the wire...nice job on the score and great start to the season.


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      As to the prediction,"even a blind squirrel......"
      Yeah, so brutal hits out there. I think the Canes won't recover in time for Paul Johnson's brand of shit football. Richt has never list to GT. This could be the first. Our teams are going to be hurting physically today. Good luck the rest of the way. If you play Clemson I think your defense and run game can give them a battle.


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