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    I see the Canes are well represented here. I am a fan of Florida football. NFL, all colleges and even high school. When you check rosters in all levels you will find a very heavy Florida influence. My favorite college team is the Gators, followed closely by the Canes & Noles. Other than those......well there are none other than those really.

    So in Gainesville the McElwain era has begun. Under Muschamp the Gators tried to become Nebraska. Play tough, slow conservative offense and defense and root it out in the trenches. That type of philosophy completely surrenders all the advantage you get in recruiting Florida talent. Our college teams thrive when you play with speed, aggressiveness and athleticism. These are lessons that Jimmy Johnson brought to the Canes and changed college football forever. The veer and full house, 3 yards in a cloud of dust became extinct. You cannot compete any more with that old crap, As a result, college players are more NFL ready right out of school, changing the NFL forever. So why would anyone try to take a Florida team backwards?

    Well in their first game under the new coaching staff one big change was immediately obvious. The 2015 Gators have been cut loose on offense and defense. They are all over the field and making plays. Granted, this was against very poor competition but it is still a very positive sign. You can't rebuild an entire program in a single season, but you have to be headed in the right direction.

    So for all of our Florida teams, turn them loose, let them press their natural advantage in speed and athleticism. I would love to see our big 3 occupy 3 of the top 5 slots in the polls as they once did.

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    No doubt that all three schools had very impressive starts. I am curious to see how it plays out as the competition gets real.


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      Well Florida exceeded my expectations this year especially after losing their star QB. Their offense was nonexistent yet they managed to pull out victories based on defense. But I knew that would change when the opponents became LSU, FSU and Alabama.

      Best thing they did this year? Beat Georgia and sent Richt out the door and straight to the U!


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