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Eagles move to second pick in 2016 draft

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  • Eagles move to second pick in 2016 draft

    Traded this year and next year's #1 to move to 2. Yikes.

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    For a franchise it's worth it but is Wentz just that? Don't know but people have compared him to Rothlisberger.
    The deeper the roots, the higher the reach.


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      Assuming Goff goes to the Rams, he has the much surer path, as the Rams D is one of the best in the NFL. Tough division, though. If he can sit a few games and get acclimated to the speed, that would be the ticket. But my guess is Goff will start from the first game.
      On the other hand, The Eagles have a better situation at QB, and Wentz can learn. The Eagles division is not strong...on paper. 9-7 will probably win it, and for that reason he could be in the playoffs sooner. They both look pretty good physically to my untrained eyes. However, much has to do with what's between their ears and how they handle pressure.

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