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  • Not just about Cutler

    I really couldn't think of another thread title. My first thought was to tell a few of you "I TOLD YOU SO!!" I'm just not a masochist, for surely y'all would pile on me. But,
    I TOLD YOU SO!!! Look it up.

    Several here believed...and I agree to a significant extent... it was about Cutler, the O-Line, the Hurricane, Assistant Coach BLOW-face, etc. However, I theorized that the kneeling issue might be affecting team morale, dividing the team. I was met with a bit of good bit of skepticism, as if these guys have their minute of kneel time, then all is right with the world. There is, IMO subtle but genuine reverse racism in the NFL...has been for years. I keep thinking about an NFL running back telling Bryant Gumble that "black players play harder for black coaches." That may be just HIS opinion. I'm not sure I buy that, or Cleveland wouldn't have been 1-31. I DO buy that there is a divide, now exacerbated by the kneeling issue. That said, presently seems the ONLY NFL team whose players participated in the "protest" were...YOUR Miami Dolphins. Long term, I don't know if this will be an issue. I certainly hope not.

    I feel sometimes we allow ourselves to believe it's ALL about Xs and Os...because that's what coaches and media feed us. Salguero spells it out below. Too bad covering a team can dissuade a sportswriter from bringing forward what he knows to be the a timely fashion.

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    The article fails to or gives the appearance that the Dolphins were the only team that was going through the Anthem problem. They were not and are still not. I am not a kneeler supporter. But what I hate more than that is this FO spreads through the press a story like this to distract from their horrible decisions they make on a yearly and decades time frame.

    If they have a problem in team chemistry WTF was the Martin commission for. It never met. Yet they had a problem with a player known before the draft of having "problems".

    You could say the Anthem " issue is as big a problem as the Martin Problem. Still can't get it fixed but they never learn.

    I also love how the "reporter" has the info on Maluga (sp?) out late at night until 4am. Where was he asking the coach about this. No where to be found.

    I'm not a fan about RT, but you can bet without a doubt that if he fails this season what will happen. There will be all these "courageous" stories how he never got it done etc. Meanwhile in 7 freaking years time covering by saying he's the guy. Just freaking gutless reporting.

    You don't have to be an ass when questioning the HC, but you can professionally ask him several players are seen out really late regularly is this good?

    Just amazing how bad "news" is today. My Grandpa wrote for the Des Moines Register during the 1930's and I can guarantee you 98% percent of the reporters today would never get a job back then due to incompetence. JMO


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      Hawk, You are incorrect. The Dolphins were the ONLY team who knelt, or visibly protested on the field. "The Reporter" knows more about the Dolphins inside and out than any other reporter on the planet. I respect Dave Hyde, but Salguero is as close as it gets. I don't disagree that the FO has not performed well the past several years as regards the draft. This year's FA signings were exceptionally good, Sitton's i jury history notwithstanding. "Martin Problem" Are you referring to Jon Martin? Vetting would have shown he'd seen a psychologist regularly during his time at Stanford. The team was out of control, due to Philbin's total lack of people skills...or the willingness to interact with them on a regular basis. Your analysis regarding Tannehill makes no sense.7 years? The man played 5.5...3 with just horrible coaching, a HC that hated him. As to Maualuga, he was known as the type of person he was/is. That was desperation.

      BTW, I subscribe to the Miami Herald, and NOTHING you read in Hawkeye land (if you're still living there) is close to the reporting the local rags do. Argue as you will, but I knew last year...not thought, KNEW the political thing was a troubling and divisive issue for the team. As I said above, take away all the OTHER issues, have them winning games, and much of the divisiveness might not have shown itself in performance. As we all know, losing does more to destroy team chemistry than just about anything.


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        Gase chose his Captains this year and Stills was one of them. He claims he wanted leaders that would be leaned on when adversary struck during the Season. I take it Gase is not concerned about the Anthem issue. Kelbail mentioned that the Police are the true Victims as the Criminals use these protests to claim racism more times than true.

        My Conclusion is that although I’m appalled that players use such a Sacred song / ritual representing the sacrifices given for our Freedoms, I’m Of the position of giving this movement as little recognition as possible and so my part is to ignore it as I do not agree with such protests. Kaepernick only started up his Charities only after his movement grew and prior to that I don’t see anything that he was involved in.
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          Guys this topic barely skirts on being about football. It does talk about how the team is playing different because of morale. However, it really delves into racism and the social issues. As you are aware, I really do not want this subject discussed here because it is political and divisive and I believe has no place on this forum which is really to talk about football. Because there is a slight hint of football I did not delete it, but it is now parked in the current events forum. Sorry. Just how I want things here as I hate getting into mediating debates based on personal beliefs. No good comes form it.


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            I disagree with your decision, but respect your right to do as you believe Best. The. Column was the center of my post. I find this no less about football than the “who was the greatest Dolphin” type threads. I purposely didn’t mention several current threads that fit this paradigm.


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