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Bills or Pats? Who would you rather see win?

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  • Bills or Pats? Who would you rather see win?

    Sorry...I can NEVER root for Fat Rex. I hope Pats win and we sweep them both.

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    I hear you about Rex but I just want those cheatin Pat bastards to be handed their asses Wipe that smug look off their faces for just one week.
    While it takes two to have an argument, it only takes one to walk away.


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      I hope they both lose. 😎


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        TIE!!!! Brady and Taylor out for the year.


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          Boy, that's a hard one. Who will the loss most affect? My thought is it will affect the Bills more, losing in what will be an insane atmosphere in their crib. But as was said, those smug "bah-steds" owned by that pseudo mafia Don Robert Kraft need a spanking...and who better to deliver it than smarmy Rex Ryan. (whom MANY Dolphin fans would not so secretly covet over Jurassic Joe.)
          I can't see how more than 34 total points are up on the board when the bloodbath is over. I think for the SAKE OF THE DOLPHINS, I grudgingly prefer the Bills win. Their style of game will play right into the hands of the same NFC East the AFC East play. The Patsies will rip the Redskins, Eagles and Cowboys and Giants new sphincters. Taylor will have some not so good games. Brady won't.

          But what do I know. I make music for a living.


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