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Down goes Brady!

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  • Down goes Brady!

    Here is a prediction that will change the complexion of the AFC East and the playoff picture.

    While I believe Brady is an elite QB, his very best days are behind him. His accuracy and competitiveness are off the charts still. But his biggest weakness has always been a thin build and an unwillingness to get hit. Some QBs in NFL history seemed to like to get hit. Favre comes to mind. He never seemed to warm up good until he got the crap smacked out of him. Brady will take a hit or 2, but any time you consistently hit him, he quickly starts throwing the ball away and loses that deadly accuracy. He lacks mobility and is an easy target compared to any other QB in the division.

    Now when I look at that history, his age, the loss of talent around him and especially the much improved defensive lines on every team in the AFC East I see a problem for the Pats! Considering that Brady has to face the Jets, Bills and Dolphins a total of 6 times and all of those opponents will hit you early, often and hard, I don't think Brady makes it through this year on the field. I don't wish for anyone to get hurt but it seems inevitable. I think we will see Garoppolo take as many snaps as Brady for the Pats this year and the whole suspension being overturned issue will look funny in hind sight.

    If the Bradyless Patriots make the playoffs at all, they will be one and done. I wouldn't be surprised to see Manning suffer the same fate this year as he wore out before the season's end last year. I also would not be surprised to see Brady and Manning take the last snaps of their careers this season.

    How does your playoff picture and QB ranking in the NFL look in this scenario?

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    Well I didn't think of the injury angle. But yeah I could see it happening. He is going to get hit there is no doubt about it. And he is going to get hit a lot. Their defense is not that strong so they will be throwing a lot. He does have familiar quick passing targets in Edlemen and Gronk, so that could counter a heavy pass rush. Especially against teams weak in the middle. Will be interesting.

    By the way add Big Ben to the list of QBs who seem to thrive under pressure and punishment. Dude just takes a beating and keeps playing and throwing well.


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      Big Ben is surely one of those tough guys. Brady may get the ball out quickly to get a few completions, but even on those he will get hit. What do you think our chances are of winning the division if Brady is out for the year by week 8?


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          I want a shirt with this on it!!!!

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          LOL, Take it to a shop that makes them, I'm sure they can accommodate you.

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        I don't wish an injury on anyone, but if it's going to happen I hope we get to do it.


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