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This GM thing isn't as easy as it looks!!

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  • This GM thing isn't as easy as it looks!!

    This former 3rd overall pick's football career probably came to an end today as he was released by his 3rd team in 3 years...Trent Richardson, a guy who i thought was 'CAN'T MISS' coming outta Bama back in 2012 has sucked for the Browns, the Colts and even the lowly Raiders couldn't find a roster spot for him..Put a fork in him, he's D-O-N-E!!!

    Sidenote: I still find it amazing that the Colts were stupid enough in this day & age to trade a 1st rounder to the Browns for him, he probably could've been had for a 5th!

    One of the biggest draft busts in recent memory may have reached the end of the line.Trent Richardson, the running back selected third overall in the 2012 draft, has been released by the Raiders, according to ESPN.Richardson had a disappointing rookie season with the Browns after going third overall, and was then traded to the [more]

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    That was crazy when the Colts trading a 1st for him. i actually watched him play some last night and he had a couple of good runs but I don't think it was against starters but even the commentators mentioned he was playing like he did at BUMA. I guess it wasn't enough.


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