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Does Roger Goodell have too much power?

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  • Does Roger Goodell have too much power?

    Does Roger Goodell have too much power over player discipline? If you answer yes, what changes would you suggest for the player discipline process.

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    It's hard to say as I feel like the whole discipline process got blown up in one year. He had to deal with Rice, Peterson et. al seemingly within months of each other. The old policy where Rice got two games before the video went public really set the whole thing off. I do believe he should have designated an independent for the Deflategate stuff.

    That is probably where I would lean. Let the NFLPA and the NFL agree on an independent arbitrator...who will act quickly. There should also be some redefined clear guidelines for discipline. Ahmad Brooks just got indicted on misdemeanor sexual battery. That is going to wind up another cluster*** that will drag for months. How about there is a suspension defined for misdemeanor indictments or how about no suspension until the case is actually ruled upon in court. Either way it shouldn't be some arbitrary new thing Goodell comes up with.
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      I think you nailed it Da Fish. It is hard to have someone who has such an interest as Goodell without any checks and balances. If they do not move to using an independent arbitrator then they need to have a new appeals process that is independent and also timely. Someone needs to be able to make sure that the commissioner is consistent and applies the rules fairly.


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        Anytime one man can be the prosecutor, judge and jury you have too much power. No man has had that much power since Judge Parker AKA The Hanging Judge. Love the Avatar Da Fish.
        While it takes two to have an argument, it only takes one to walk away.


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          There are other less visible factors. Do not forget that the NFL is show business. The owner's make a lot of money off of the stars and headliners. The public perception of those stars and the league is their market. So at the same time, they have to "protect the shield" without tarnishing the public perception. I consider all NFL commissioners as more of a hired gun than a judge and jury. The owners call the shots, give the orders and the commissioner does their bidding. He is more like the executioner! If he was replaced, the new commissioner would likewise follow the owner's orders, or he wouldn't be commissioner very long. Remember the golden rule, he who has the gold makes the rules.


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