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  • Jonathan Martin in the news

    Whatever concerns people have with our current OL.... things could be worse ...
    Former 49ers tackle Jonathan Martin took to Facebook on Wednesday to share his experiences fighting depression much of his life. Martin, who retired from the NFL earlier this year, admitted that he...

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    Just remember he was our headache before he became their headache.


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      That whole situation is sad...


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        I've wondered if this is all an attention getter on his part or what?? He seriously has issues.


        • cuchulainn
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          I think he's bi-polar and simply craves attention.

          I have a good friend who is bi-polar and displays this sort of erratic behavior. He's either whiny and wanting to be coddled, or he's attempting to get attention in other ways. Great guy when he is on his meds and in a stress free situation, but can't handle anything stressful in a positive manner.

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        How about this....we leave him alone. We don't post stuff about he's someone elses headache and we just wish him the best. He is irrelavent to the Dolphins. He is not playing football any longer. He actually played a decent right tackle for us one year. Not a big fan don't get me wrong. Bullygate I get the problems that make most people post this stuff....but enough. He's done...move on. Thanks for playing. Goodnight. Cuch pretty much already said it. Just wanted to add my thoughts


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